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Selling your Idaho Falls Home
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Selling your Idaho Falls home is all about market positioning and communication. Market positioning answers the question:
Do current buyers in the market see value in your home?

This perceived home value is based on three parameters:

  • Price,
  • Condition,
  • and Location.
Condition is how old is the home, is it updated, is it clean, and is it staged well. Two of those parameters are changeable (price and condition), and one is not (location).

So, in essence, buyers will see the value in your Idaho Falls home and write a purchase offer when the combination of price, condition, and location are correct. The better that the condition of the home is, the higher the price is that the buyer will be willing to pay. Conversely, the worse that the condition of the home is, the lower the price is that the buyer will be willing to pay.

Let’s look at an example of how condition affects price with a typical Idaho Falls home built in 1998 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,400 square feet, a 2-car garage, a 1/4-acre lot, and an unfinished basement. This home is located in the north east section of Idaho Falls in the Bonneville High School school district.

  • Example A is impeccably clean, has been updated with granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, has tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, and new carpeting in the living room and bedrooms. In addition, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, and doorknobs have been updated to brushed-nickel hardware, replacing the original brass hardware. The lawn is mowed and trimmed and landscaping is free of weeds. I would recommend pricing Example A at $165,000, and the seller could expect to sell this home for within three percent of this list price.
  • Example B is dirty, has stained carpeting in the original dark green and pink colors, has vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, formica counter tops, and original brass hardware. The lawn and landscaping is overgrown and full of weeds. I would recommend pricing Example B at $145,000, and the seller could expect to sell this home for within three percent of this list price.
This is a difference of $20,000 in home value, with a cost of materials to update the home at about $6,000!

If you are thinking of selling a home in the Idaho Falls area below are some podcasts that will provide you with very valuable information.

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My husband and I just recently sold our house with Chalmers. Our experience was nothing short of exceptional! Chalmers’ expertise helped us to sell our house in 2 short days.

He strategically helped us to maneuver through 4 great offers and carefully explained each step/option. He made sure we felt empowered throughout the entire process to make the best decision for us. His staff were highly trained in their areas and helped us through the entire process of closing. They were in constant contact with us and made the entire experience pleasant. They took care of all the tasks that would have overwhelmed us.

I am so thankful for Chalmers and his amazing staff!
” –
Katheryn and Scott K.

Communication is the second key to selling your Idaho Falls home. How the market reacts to your Idaho Falls home once it hits the market is of the utmost importance. Is the home getting lots of showings, or little or no showings?

In the average Idaho Falls price range of our example above, the seller should expect to have 4-5 showings per week if the market positioning is correct, and should expect to have an offer within the first two weeks of being on the market. If the number of showings is less than one per week, then the home’s price needs to be lowered, and/or the condition needs to be improved by cleaning and updating.

As your agent, I will communicate these recommendations to you in a timely fashion, adjusting the home’s market position to cause a buyer to write a purchase offer.

Many sellers are under the mistaken idea that they just need to “wait it out” to find the “perfect buyer” for their home. This is a poor strategy for selling a home for two reasons:
(1) Time is not your friend when selling a home—buyer interest in your home goes down the longer the home is on the market;
(2) the “perfect buyer” is a myth—your home is not perfect for any one buyer, and buyers make buying decisions based on price, condition and location as compared to other competing homes.

The Home Selling Process: Marketing Your Idaho Falls Property My 11-Step Marketing Plan

Designed to capture the maximum exposure for your home in the shortest period of time:

1. Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and current price trends.
2. Stage your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers: uncluttered rooms and closets, fresh paint, and terrific curb appeal.
3. Place “for sale” sign including permanent colorflyer with QR Code and photos.
4. Optimize your home’s internet presence by posting information in the Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS) as well as local and global MLS systems, including plenty of photographs, captions, aerial photographs, and an HTML-coded description of your property. We also add your property to our mobile app, click here to preview our app.
5. Produce a video tour of your home, placing it on multiple websites to attract both local and out-of-town buyers.
6. Create an open house schedule and promote online, as well as door-to-door with open house flyers.
7. Target active buyers and investors in my database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.
8. Place Buyer Information Guide in the home containing disclosures, utility records, and marketing material.
9. Provide you with monthly updates detailing current market conditions in your price range, as well as buyer showing activity.
10. Contact you weekly with an update on your home’s position in the market.
11. Contact you after each and every showing to provide you with feedback on buyer’s comments.

Idaho Falls Home Listing Syndication

Your home can be advertised on websites all across the web, making sure buyers see your home and everything it offers. Here are some of the national sites where your home will appear:

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